Thursday, 4 October 2007

Comfort stitching

I've been down with the lurgy all this week which has played havoc with my marathon training but given me plenty of time to work on the quilt with the result's finished!

The quilting was done using running stitch around each rectangle and the edges are bound with strips of the backing (snail) fabric.

I wasn't sure how machine stitching the bindings would work out without a walking foot for the machine so I hand stitched each strip in place with running stitch, then folded over the edge and stitched down the other side with mattress stitch.

Pinned edge

I wasn't feeling quite up to dealing with mitred corners so I just squared them and closed up the open ends with mattress stitch.

Quilt corner

I'm so pleased with the finished quilt and I really enjoyed the hand sewing. I don't quite have the technique down yet though. When I was at the Festival of Quilts I saw stitchers gathering several stitches on the needle at once and then pulling the needle through. I'm still working one stitch at a time - at least they're not too wonky though. Still my seams are pretty straight and the whole thing looks very neat. The best bit is that I've found out that my sister has chosen green for the nursery with cream/green/blue curtains (which my Mum is busy stitching) so it will even match.

Baby quilt

Baby quilt

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Kirsty said...

Well done you!!
It looks absolutely gorgeous, I love the colours.
Glad to hear you're feeling better now (what better tonic could there be than a shiny new quilt...)