Sunday, 19 August 2007

Festival of Quilts

Last weekend Katie, Lara, Kim (Katie's sister) and I all piled into Lara's little car and headed off to the N.E.C. in Birmingham for the festival of Quilts. Of the four of us only Kim is a quilter (at least that was the state of affairs at the start of the day) but I'm always happy to look at beautiful fabrics and amazing colours.

There were so many stunning quilts at the show. This was my favourite:

Imaginasaurus quilt

I also really liked these (well I am a knitter!):

Knot stitch quilt

Cable sweater quilt

Lara and I got to have a go on a huge free stitching sewing machine - so cool.

Lara stitching

We only saw the "free form" quilts sectiobn on our way out. This one's for Felix!

Cake corset

We saw ome gorgeous quilts by Kaffe Fasset at the Rowan stand plus the man himself. We tried (and failed) not to act too fan girly (there was much giggling and surreptitious staring).

I lurve this one. Luckily Lara now has the book so maybe I can make it in a year or ten when I have the time, skill and money!

Kaffe fasset quilt

Lovely Rowan fabrics:

Rowan fabrics

I can see whole new opportunities for stashing arising!

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Felix said...

...I love your new quilting blog!
And yes, the cupcake freeform quilting fed directly into the Felix wellsprings of inspiration!!!